Babies usually know what they are doing
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“I wish I’d known about the first growth spurt at 7 days old! She just wouldn't stop crying and feeding. I honestly thought she must have been starving to death, even though I KNEW all about cluster feeding and frequent feeding. That growth spurt freaked me out. Never even noticed any other growth spurts from then on as I just went with the flow”
“Getting baby into a routine and me getting back to normal caused me a lot of pressure. I wish I’d known that babies do get into a routine gradually but it is their routine, e.g. may feed a lot over a few hours first thing in the morning, then have a sleep, then feed again and be awake for a while, then feed again etc. They are not clock watchers. When you have a baby, life has to take on a new normal. Life isn't going to get back to where it was. Celebrate the change, you've entered a new phase, you're a Mum.”
“I also wish I'd known it was OK for baby to suckle for only a few minutes at first, there is no 'normal' really when it comes to babies that breastfeed.”
“I wish I’d known how "normal" everything is. I was constantly worrying that our little one wasn't getting enough milk and he was feeding too much or wasn't latched correctly. I also wish I’d known that it was ok to let him sleep on the boob. I was made to believe this was wrong, but it turned out to be so right for us.”
“I also wish I’d known that the sleepy fluttery feeding is a really good thing. I always let him do it because I figured he knew what he was doing, but again I was uneasy. I didn’t know that this is a time when a lot of good fatty milk is being extracted, as well as deep relaxation. I think I’d have made myself much more comfy if I’d known to expect him to feed so often for so long. And it did pass, and now I think Oh bugger, I wish I could do it all over again knowing what I know now!”

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