Bed sharing can be helpful...
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“I think knowing information about bed sharing would have been helpful. I wish I'd known it was safe to bring my baby to bed... ended up doing it at 7 weeks in absolute desperation but now we're at 12 weeks old and I actually sleep!”
“The knowledge that bed-sharing can be just as safe as bed-side cot *if done right* might help a lot of women out. Having to sit up, pick up the baby, get positioned, then wait to put them down again makes a huge difference in lack of sleep compared to having them next to you.”
“Safe co-sleeping is by far the best way to maintain your sanity during motherhood and will mean you can actually breast feed in your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed - that it really doesn’t last forever - and you will miss it when its gone.”
“I wish I’d known that I could have safely co-slept - that would have made things a *lot* easier””
“I wish I had tried laying down to feed so much sooner and accepted bed sharing sooner too.”

Research suggests 50% of all UK babies have shared their parents’ bed by the time they are 3 months old. Figures for breastfeeding babies appear to be much higher, 70-80%. When we consider the relative immaturity of the human infant (we are born relatively ‘early’ compared to other mammals) and the constituents of breastmilk, we can see that human babies need to feed regularly and they are dependent on close promixity. Close proximity helps regulate temperature and breathing rate. The cultural expectation that breastfeeding parents sleep separately from their babies doesn’t appear to fit with the evolutionary perspective.

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