Parents are being created too, not just babies
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“I think I wish I’d known to be prepared for the amount of sitting down that I had to do, I'm a get up and go person and always doing some sort of housework so it was actually quite stressful watching all the housework build up around me or having to watch other people do it 'wrong'.”
“I wish I’d known about letting my inner control freak go! Learning to be ok with not having achieved anything all day other than ' be ' with my gorgeous baby (and also learning to trust my wonderful other half in those early weeks (dirty house, dirty dishes, no hot dinner) that when he said he didn't expect me to have done anything else all day while he was at work, he really meant it ;))”
“I wish I’d known to relax & be comfortable when feeding and that it is OK to just spend time baby”
“When you’re in the middle of it, the small stuff seems to matter so much: am I doing it ‘right’? Is my baby like that other baby? But it all goes by so fast. I wish I’d listened to my instincts more and worried less about what I thought he was ‘supposed’ to be doing.”

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