They might want to feed frequently...
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“I wish I’d known the tiny size of a new born tummy, and how fast breastmilk absorbs into baby’s system as it is a natural substance.”
“I wish I'd known how important and normal it was for baby to feed so frequently, I didn't even know about supply and demand. Learning about how milk is produced was huge for me (only learned about this after I stopped).”
“I wish I had known that very frequent feeding is normal! That feeding almost constantly (or that's how it feels) for the first few weeks is normal, it doesn't mean baby isn't getting enough milk. And that specialist breastfeeding counsellors are out there to help if your midwife isn't helpful. Fortunately, mine was amazing.”
“I ended up with mastitis due to waiting too long to feed.”

When babies come to the breast, it’s not just about milk. The world is a new place of sights and sounds and mum smells and tastes familiar and comforting. Regular feeding means a baby keeps hydrated and milk production is well-stimulated. Sometimes we think babies are supposed to feed after X number of hours, but those messages don’t come from from evidence of what we know about milk production and a newborn’s evolutionary behaviour.

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