It’s helpful to know how milk supply works...
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“I wish I’d known that your boobs don't need to "fill up", so during growth spurts you can just keep giving each side, multiple times, it's fine and doesn't mean you have a low supply (in fact you are boosting your supply).”
“I wish I’d known how little milk newborns actually need and that it takes a while to get the flow going. I was convinced my son wasn't getting any milk and straight away sent hubby out for formula to top him up! Thankfully I took over and he fed from me till 2y8m but the initial fear that he wasn't getting any and therefore my breasts didn't work was horrible.”

It’s helpful to know that the more we remove milk from the breast, the more we make. Regular and effective stimulation in the early weeks helps establish milk supply for the months ahead. Our breasts are not containers that are emptied and need to ‘refill’, they are streams where the flow is continuous (though it may sometimes slow down). Milk supply is usually affected if we don’t remove milk effectively (such as when the baby has latching issues) or not frequently enough (such as when a mum is trying to restrict a baby’s time at the breast).

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