Babies know what they are doing most of the time (but not all of it)...
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“I wish I'd known that not all babies will get on board with baby led from the start.”
“I was told to let my baby sleep when he wanted to but it turned out he was affected by his jaundice and was recovering a bit from the birth. He started to get sleepier and it got a lot harder and his nappies weren’t right. I wish I had encouraged him to feed a bit more regularly at the beginning. He wasn’t quite ready to be in charge.”

What’s happening? Sometimes babies may have a difficult birth experience or have a condition like jaundice which can make a baby sleepier and less likely to show hunger cues. Although ideally we feed responsively and feed babies when we see their cues, we need to take into account different situations. Your healthcare team may suggest you offer the breast even when a baby isn’t necessarily asking and that you encourage more regular feeding.

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