It’s not always easy. It’s important to find help and not struggle alone...
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“I wish I’d known that support groups welcome bumps (I wish I had visited before turning up to a new place with a newborn)!”
“I wish I’d known so many things... That even if the latch 'looks right', a deeper latch can make all the difference if there’s pain. And I wish I’d known that with second babies, you might know what you're doing, but the baby might not, you still might need expert advice.”
“I'm very glad I *did* know about tongue tie when my third was born, and that I was able to get well-informed advice and treatment within five days of his birth - I had seen other mothers struggle to get help and give up breastfeeding because of it.”
“I wish I’d known that the first hours, or before, we should have someone lined up to help in case breastfeeding doesn't click at first. That support would save so many mothers from feeling like failures.”
“I wish I had known about breastfeeding support groups when my baby was a day old instead of 10 months!”
“I wish I’d known that it doesn't always just happen naturally. That it can feel a little awkward. And you're so unsure of how often, how long, are they full… Also that they might not follow your plans of where they want to sleep!!”
“I was always worried that I wasn’t making enough milk and I had a panic when I stopped feeling full. Turned out that was a completely normal stage and it just meant my supply was developing and nothing was going wrong.”

Although breastfeeding is ‘natural’ so is giving birth, and most of us expect to get help with that. Many of us didn’t grow up around breastfeeding and have lived in a society with historically low breastfeeding rates. We may not even have seen breastfeeding up close until we come to do it ourselves. Peer supporters, breastfeeding counsellors, helplines, IBCLCs (lactation consultants), trained healthcare professionals as well as our friends and family can all help us to reach our breastfeeding goals. Sometimes breastfeeding just happens, sometimes it’s a bit more complicated. We also live in a society where breastfeeding is sometimes undermined and mothers may lack confidence, breastfeeding support can help with that too.

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