Breastfeeding isn’t just for babies
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“I also wish I’d known that a breastfeeding relationship is one that can last for years. Not weeks or months. So with that perspective, early difficulties are to be overcome so that you can get to the "nice" (and dare I say "easy" bit - yes Jamie Oliver!) of past 6 months.”
“Breastfeeding my son made the toddler years so much easier. It was something that calmed him down, helped him get to sleep, helped on holiday. It was magic!”

As a society we struggle with the notion that breasts are primarily for lactation. Many people are more comfortable that breasts remain sexualised and are used to sell products rather than to feed small people. So it’s perhaps not surprising that when the small people grow slightly less small, we struggle even more. Some prefer that the breast is removed and instead the small human is fed from the milk of a different mammal with a rather different set of needs. But if we look at ourselves in comparison to our mammal cousins, we can see that breastfeeding to the World Health Organisation recommendations of two years and beyond, makes scientific sense. A weaning age of 2.5-7 years fits with when our permanent teeth erupt for starters. Perhaps they are called milk teeth for a reason!

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