They might feed from one breast or two...
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“I wish I’d known that you don’t have to change from one breast to another after a set period of time - I was told that after 45 minutes there wouldn't be anything left... Crazy as it was probably the best milk I inadvertently deprived my son of.”
“I wish I’d known that it’s OK for baby just to have one boob.”
“I wish I’d known that forcing my baby to stick on the same breast because I’d been told he wouldn’t reach the high fat content milk wasn’t always the best plan. He was telling me he was ready for the other side and I just thought he was windy! I wish I’d swapped sides sooner!”

We’re all different. Storage capacity between women varies enormously (and it’s not always about how breasts look from the outside). Some babies may always want the second breast and some may never be interested in it. We follow our babies’ cues. When a baby is very small, they will often fall asleep on one side when they have reached a point of feeling satisfied. You might then change their nappy or try and wind them and then at least offer the second side. We should remember that breasts are never really ‘empty’. Milk is made all the time and when we say a baby has ‘emptied the breast’, they’ve just reached the point where staying on is no longer worthwhile.

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