Babies wake regularly at night to keep themselves safe: it's nature’s success, not nature's failure
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“I wish I’d known a sling is a magical thing, and that night waking is a completely normal thing and you're lucky if you get to sleep through before 18 months.”
“I wish I had known it can be normal for a baby still to be breastfeeding day and night at 12 months… I wish someone had suggested getting a bigger bed for comfortable co-sleeping. I wish I hadn't bothered trying to get my son to sleep in his own bed, because it made my sleep worse as I had to get up to feed him.”
“I wish I’d known that its normal for babies to wake through the night. I fully expected her to be sleeping through by 12 weeks. Now I understand that actually it's normal to wake, and it safeguards her, I totally accept it.”

We know that lower rates of SIDS is associated with breastfeeding but the reason for the association is not always clear. It is thought that the way breastfeeding babies sleep may be part of the story – that breastfeeding babies rouse more naturally and they benefit from increased maternal-infant interaction.

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